Hazel O'Rear Reeves

Hazel O'Rear Reeves was born into a family whose roots go back to Kentucky in the 1700's. 

She moved to Oregon in 1988, and began her painting career, after retirement, in 2007.  Formally an Interior Designer who worked for both the state of Oregon and  the U.S. government, Hazel knows that those years of training were the genesis for her desire to become an artist.

Hazel is a Member of the SageBrushers Art Society and presently serves as the Vice President.  She is also a Member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, the National Watercolor Society and an Associate Member of the American Watercolor Society.

Interior Design channeled my creative bent; whether it was noticing a fantastic chair design, visualizing the layout of a space, or understanding a color selection; these design tasks subliminally honed my artist success on canvas and paper.  I often consider myself a spontaneous creator of wild colors.

I love to work on large canvases, add abstract imaging with realistic, and use both visual and tactile textures.  I achieve the textures in many instance through multimedia using my own hand dyed papers, Japanese rice paper, and found papers.  I've also been painting in watercolor for several years.  I am now painting watercolor portraits.


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WOWOW . . . CONGRATULATIONS on receiving the People's Choice Award for Interrogation! I love that self portrait. YOU are rocking and rolling through these juried exhibitions. It's my honor and privilege to be a very proud owner of two of your originals!
-- Mermaid Marcia, 5/18/18

Excited to see what is to come!! Congrats on the website. Its really awesome!
-- Miranda Hatfield, 10/23/17