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Ms Reeves, You art show I. sisters is amazing. So evocative and moving. You are indeed a talented artist who deserves broad recognition.
-- Jon Albert, 9/16/20

Hazel, Your 'New Fun Animal Paintings' are spectacular!! So fun, and creative. Love them! I really enjoy your style. Very impressive. Jennie R (from Winnie's classes)
-- Jennie R, 7/17/20

Hazel dahling, YOU continue to dazzle me and the rest of the folks in the Milky Way galaxy with such imaginative, beautiful and jaw dropping works or art. It's apparent to me that this Coronavirus pandemic has allowed you time to create a startling amount of new paintings. . . WOWOW! YOU are understatedly impressive. mermaid
-- Marcia K Harrison, 6/17/20

I'm fortunate and honored and thrilled to own 4 of Hazel's paintings! My inaugural purchase was "Vespasia as Mother Nature". . . next "Italian Tour Guide" . . . followed by "Interrogation" . . .and most recently: "Out of the Deep" a watercolor mosaic.
-- Mermaid Marcia , 4/17/19

Looking forward to seeing your latest... you could bring them.
-- Cbp, 11/12/18

I love your work! You and Ted N motivate me to keep painting. I want to paint portraits and learn to paint creative still lifes like your Arabesque.
-- Michelle L, 8/18/18

INTERROGATION. . .let's talk about which version to purchase. . .gicele or canvas or matted print. . .so many options . . . I do know I want the largest. . .
-- Mermaid Marcia, 6/19/18

Babycakes, Love your new paintings and your current website. Can't wait to hang with YOU and the other girls on The Coast. merm
-- Marcia Harrison, 3/17/18

BabyCakes, Your website is a work of art. I'm sooo very honored to be the proud owner of "Vespasia as Mother Nature" . . . one of your huge original acrylic paintings. I'm most pleased when a new guest at my house wants to discuss beautiful "Vespasia" . . . she and her handsome salmon can be interpreted in many ways.
-- Mermaid Marcia, 12/17/17

Very nice. Love your work.
-- Michelle Oberg, 12/3/17

Hi Hazel! Your paintings are so uniquely beautiful!
-- Kara & Clive Hendricks, 11/26/17

Your website looks smashing. I am really impressed with it. Way to go.
-- Susan Gale, 11/8/17

-- Tim Hanson, 11/4/17

Awesomeness! I love your page and seeing all your works!! Congratulations!
-- Kak, 10/26/17

Beautiful website, Hazel! And wonderful to see all your art in one place. Congratulations! xoxo
-- Jennifer Start, 10/24/17