The Art of Judy Hoiness

I was asked last year at the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s Convention to write a summary of one of the many classes that were held. The following is what I learned and I'm passing my new knowledge on to my readers.

Judy Hoiness was an amazing presenter at last year’s WSO convention.  She shared her knowledge of 3 processes;
1. Transferring watercolor crayon images onto her paintings.
2. Ironing papers and fabrics on her paintings using Misty Fuse. 
3. Sewing on her paintings for texture. A lot was accomplished in an hour and a half and such a wealth of information.

The watercolor crayon transfer was done by drawing your object or design on a piece of parchment paper; applying watercolor crayon to the opposite side of the parchment paper; placing the side with the crayon on it face down on your watercolor paper; using a bone folder scrape around your drawn design or scrape on your drawn design; you can also use a bone folder to scrape abstract shapes on your paper; lastly lifting the parchment paper off your painting and voila!  You can paint on your watercolor before and after this application, being as creative as you like.  

Misty Fuse is a fine weblike fusing glue-cloth that you iron onto fabric or paper, in this instance, and then in turn iron that onto your painting. It’s normally used to fuse fabrics in sewing and comes with directions for that application.  Judy has used it to enhance her amazing paintings.  She uses her old paintings and antique fabrics and book pages she finds in her so called archeological digs in antique shops.

Finally Judy showed her finished paintings where she sews without thread but a sewing machine and a heavy duty needle to create texture and intrigue. It is amazing to see how the line of her stitching can lead you through her painting.  She also suggested hand stitching.

Judy certainly provided us with an enlightening presentation.  Thank you!  

PLEASE visit Judy’s website: www.judyhoinessart.com


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